Select desired vehicle from our stock & Request Price

  • Search our site for the appropriate car you desire for yourself or your customer.
  • Send Us inquiry requesting car price or more information about the vehicle. ( Dont forget to mention Your Name, mobile number, desired port of discharge and country).
  • Our Sales Staff will respond you within minimal time possible with the information or price you requested.

Request Invoice & Make Payments

  • Request a Proforma Invoice, Our Sales Staff will provide you the proforma invoice within no time.
  • Payment in bank before the expiry date of proforma invoice. ( We Accept, TT, L/C, Paypal, Credit Card)
  • Send Us Reciept of Bank with proforma Invoice ID No. mentioned on it.

Shippment Process

  • After the confirmation from our bank, we will rush for shipping process and your car will be shipped on the next scheduled vessel.
  • We will Send Orignal documents of Car to you VIA Courier Service like DHL, UPS or EMS.

Recieve Vehicle and Drive Away

  • You will recieve Your Vehicle at your port, you will be able to process the clearing from customs using the commercial invoice and B/L Copy.
  • You will check your car for complete accessories as we promised you.
  • After enjoying your first drive, please dont forget to send us comments that how you like the car, with your name and a photo of your car with you. we will publish selected testimonials in the customer voice area on our website.