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Japanese used car auctions

Japanese used car auctions are quite different practice than online buy second hand vehicle, car. Mawar international is authorized japan car auction agent providing extensive car auctions online with association of major Japanese used car auction companies. USS used auto auction is foremost car vehicle auction in japan. Other major players having liaison with Mawar international are Honda auto auction group, JU (japan used car association group) TAA (toyota auto auctions), CAA (challenging advance assistant), NAA (nisaan auto auctions) and AAA (aichi auto auctions).
One of the major problem that a buyer countenance is, when Japanese used cars are overstock at some site, online auto auctions don’t stipulate types of certain cars. Mawar international has complete solution for our valued customers. If you is looking for Japanese used car auctions online, we provide car auction online services with complete consultancy to satisfy you.
Used car auction japan is not the closing stages. We provide used truck auction japan, bus, van, pickup and all other Japanese used vehicles online throughout the earth via shipment.
Get Japan used car auction online and Japanese used truck auctions through our Japanese car auction site instantly. Let us take an overview of major japan car auction group through which we help our valued customers.

USS Auctions Group

USS is largest auction group in japan having heights market share in dealing Japanese used cars and vehicles online. We match your needs through USS. Uss car auction detained every day through up-to-the-minute technology by making it smooth process.

Honda Auto Auction Group

Another vital business partner of Mawar international for Japanese used cars is this group. We deal with them for auction of all Honda cars, trucks, bus, van, pickup and all other vehicles made by Honda Corporation.


JU is an associate for car auctions in the union of Aichi. They held auction meeting every Thursday beside Nagoya Bay. This partner conducts more than two thousands meetings every week.

CAA (chubu auto auction)

CAA Nagoya (Chubu), held their auctions meetings for cars every Wednesday in Toyota City
Toyota city is the home of Toyota Car Company.  CAA hold   averages over 5,300 exhibits in a week.

NAA (Nissan auto auctions)

Mawar international deals with this big Japanese used cars auctions group in three major cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, NAA auctions focus in Nissan brand vehicles.

AAA (Arie Auto Auctions)

This online japan used car Auctions Company was established in 1920. Mawar international is dealing with this auto auction agent for a long time

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